Additional Services

Expect more

Advocacy Strategies is here to meet your needs. We are more than just a government relations, public affairs, and public relations firm—our services are catered to the individual client. We listen to your needs and determine which of our services best support a strategy to deliver results.

“Advocacy Strategies has been a wonderful partner for EveryStep as we navigate our advocacy efforts at the capitol, they are responsive, knowledgeable and strategic. Threase and crew always know who we need to connect with in the Legislature or Administration and they make those meetings happen. People turn to us as experts in serving Iowans and we turn to Advocacy Strategies for expertise in working with our state government.”

Jim Knoepfler, Vice President, EveryStep

Reputation Development

An organization’s reputation is the most important asset it can possess. A strong reputation opens doors, increases membership, brings financial gains, and allows for successful government advocacy. Many times, simple steps can be taken to make major strides in developing a strong reputation. Advocacy Strategies has the skills to build an organization’s reputation; whether it is an established organization or an upstart entity, the AS team can raise the recognition and perception of a group. Advocacy Strategies has been very successful at raising the public reputation of multiple organizations. We utilize numerous strategies to build and maintain our client’s reputation by developing and implementing a coordinated campaign that meets your organizational needs.

Advocacy Training

Advocacy Strategies has extensive experience in training both large and small groups ranging from half day sessions at large scale conferences to individualized half hour online advocacy programs. Our team has developed and implemented trainings for numerous clients that have played a decisive role in guaranteeing their success. This is a service we are uniquely positioned to provide in our field.

Iowa Caucus

Due to Iowa’s unique place in American politics, Advocacy Strategies has dedicated a significant portion of our business and resources to engaging Presidential candidates during the caucus process. We have successfully managed several large-scale projects with high quality results. Our statewide network of key opinion leaders, advocates and dedicated staff provides you an opportunity to effect change in the nation’s heartland. Your message will be heard by hundreds of thousands of Iowans and the national media, with the ultimate goal of the winning candidate repeating your message as they travel to the rest of the nation.

Our team will assist your organization every step of the way, to tailor a caucus issue project that suits your agenda and ensures your message reaches the candidates. Advocacy Strategies provides a menu of options that you can choose to best suit your needs. We will work with you to develop the appropriate strategy to maximize the project’s effectiveness.